Important Information about the Happy Wars Steam beta test

Thank you for your interest in the Happy Wars beta test.

Now the popular Xbox 360 game Happy Wars will be available for your enjoyment on Windows.

We are grateful for your participation in this beta testing to help assure a great release of Happy Wars for Steam! You will be helping us to conduct critical backend stress testing.

Test Period:

Testing is planned to start on April 30, 2014 (Wednesday) and finish on May 27, 2014 (Tuesday).

Before applying, please make sure you meet the following requirements:

 You must have both a Steam ID and a Microsoft Account.
 You must be a resident of the United States or Canada.
 Connection to the Internet is required while playing the game. A minimum Internet connection speed of 768 Kbps is required.
 The following minimum environment is required to participate:

- OS:Windows Vista or newer

- CPU:Core 2 Duo 2 GHz, Athlon X2 2 GHz or better

- RAM:2 GB or more

- Graphics: VRAM, 256 MB or more; DirectX 9.0c or newer

- Graphics card: NVIDIA 8800GT, AMD Radeon HD3870 or better.

- Network connection: 768 Kbps or better

- Either Gamepad, or Keyboard with Mouse

 Note: The above operating environment recommendations are subject to change for the final game service.

To apply, register on this site. After registering, participants will be selected randomly by lottery and informed by email. By registering to apply for the Happy Wars beta, you are agreeing to receive email and/or other communications regarding the beta test at your indicated email address. We regret that we cannot guarantee every applicant will be selected due to the limited scope of the test. If you are selected, the email will give you further details in order to download the game.

More details:

 Dates and details for the beta are subject to change.
 Changes will be announced through the News function of the Steam Happy Wars Community Hub.
 The beta may be terminated at any time, without prior announcement.
 During the beta period, it may be necessary to perform service maintenance that could temporarily interrupt the game play schedule without warning.
 In-game data and game progress in the beta will not be valid for the final game service. All your data and progress will be reset once the game launches.
 Microtransaction payments will not be available or accepted during the beta.
 Beta participants' main play data (no. times played, no. times matchmaking succeeds) and hardware information (hardware configuration used to play the game) will be collected.
 The following user information will be collected:

- Steam ID, Microsoft Account (Gamertag);

- User saved game data (scores, rankings, game progress state, equipped items state, no. of items obtained, no. of Happy Tickets obtained, no. of Happy Stars obtained);

- Score ranking;

- Telemetry data (date/time of game sessions, no. of plays, no. of matchmaking successes, no. of matchmaking failures, error log);

- Hardware information (memory capacity, type of CPU, type of GPU, connected device information, video resolution setting)

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